Hi!  My name is Carly, and I live in the big metropolis of Roanoke, Virginia.  I am a mother, daughter, wife, and full-time professional, working woman.

I love my family!

I love flip flops!

I love when my best friend leaves random, crazy voice messages on Friday mornings!

I love do-it-yourself craft projects!

My new found love…watching “Bryson movies”!  (aka home movies of my son growing up)

I love dancing when nobody is watching!  (Actually, I don’t care who’s watching.  Ha!)

I love singing loud in the car!

I love the smell of rain!

I love thunderstorms!

I love ‘The Proposal’ with Sandra Bullock!

And the list could go on and on….but I’ll spare you!  🙂

One thought on “About

  1. Carly shared a few videos with me a couple of weeks ago that I had not seen before and there is one of Bryson at Christmas. Not sure if he was two, but he could talk really well. He got Buzz and Woody for Christmas. He grabbed Buzz and Woody and went running down the hall, with them flying in the air, screaming, “Buzz and Woody, Buzz and Woody – Wee Haa! It was hysterical. I laughed till I cried.


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